The PEC Institute

To be a beacon of knowledge and innovation, shaping
the leaders and pioneers of tomorrow.

Amplifying the potential of young people

To ignite and nurture the desire for personal, educational and career development of young people in rural areas.

What is the PEC Institute

The pec Institute is a personal, educational, and career development institute with the primary focus on amplifying the Human Resource Potentials of Ghanaian youths in rural communities.

We do this by leveraging on the educational, career mentoring, and vocational and technical skills development initiatives


Amplify the Human Resource Potentials of Ghanaian youths in rural communities


The PEC Institute aims at providing comprehensive personal, educational, and career development programs for youths, mostly in rural communities in Ghana


Selfless service


PEC! I am capable
PEC! I will do it
PEC! I will succeed

The PEC Projects:

• Before SHS Drive
• Before University Drive
• LCN - Leadership, Career & Networking Drive (Targeting University Students)
• Skill Development drive


• To ensure that both boys and girls have access to quality education
• Substantially increase the number of youth and adults who have relevant skills, including technical and vocational skills for employment, decent jobs, and entrepreneurial skills
• Strengthen the prevention of substance abuse
• Properly educate young people on sexual and reproductive health care
• Menstrual management education


Before SHS Drive targets students in Junior High School preparing for Senior High,

Before University Drive:

Before University Drive targets Senior High Students and exposes them to the various universities, the programs they offer also introduce them to some study abroad scholarship programs and the possible career options available to them.

LCN (Leadership, Career, and Networking Drive)

The LCN will target university students.


The skill development training aims at equipping young people with various skills








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