Bridget Bonnie Agbenyor aspires to be Ghana’s President

When Ms Bridget Bonnie Ag­benyor became the first female Student’s Representa­tive Council (SRC) President for the Wisconsin International University College, Ghana (WIUC-Gh) in 2019, many thought […]

Awakening to Prosperity: A Reflection on Dreams, Age, and Intentional Living

When I grow up, I will become rich! As a child, I dreamt of becoming a prosperous man and living in a ranch house with a […]

Bridget Bonnie: Advocating for Change at Coastal West African Cities Workshop

Renowned social activist and public figure, Bridget Bonnie, played a pivotal role at a significant event focused on addressing global challenges related to hate and extremism. […]

Bridget Bonnie: Ghanaian lady dedicates her life to helping needy students on 30th birthday; launches NGO

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